School Supply Sale
There's still time!  Save yourself the hassle of running around town looking for the correct school supplies!  Ordering is easy and the supplies are delivered directly to you. The best part is you can customize your order by adding items or removing items you already have!
1. Go to, select Find Boxes Now, and enter Pointers Run Elementary.
2. Select the appropriate grade pack - be sure to choose next year's grade.
3. Pay with a credit card at checkout and select Place Order (see prices below).
4. Your School Tool Box will ship directly to your home within 10 days, or you can select the week you'd like your order shipped.
5. Questions?  Contact Hongling Zhou at or School Tool Box Customer Service at 1-800-952-1119.
  • Kindergarten       $30.93
  • 1st grade            $38.39
  • 2nd grade           $42.34
  • 3rd grade            $43.06
  • 4th grade            $46.33
  • 5th grade            $58.76
* Prices do not include applicable sales tax. Flat rate shipping of $5.99 applies to orders under $50.00. To avoid the shipping charge, order together with your child's friend or add additional items to get to $50.
PRES PTA offers this sale as a service to our families.