Box Tops for Education

The next Box Top collection deadline is February 21.
A new collection sheet is coming home this week and you can either attach Box Tops to that or put them in a baggie and turn them in to the box in the lobby. Either way, make sure you include your child's teacher's name so we know which class gets credit towards the end of the year party.

With your help, we've already raised $700 for the PRES PTA this year. Please keep cutting those Box Tops to help us get to our $1,600 goal! 


Yes! We collect Box Top for Education coupons. These are the pink and white coupons you see on a large number of the products that you buy for your families every week and they are worth a great deal to our school.

PRES receives 10 cents for every valid box top we collect! We have a goal of raising $1,000 for the PTA this school year. If you do the math you’ll find that if each child brings in 13 box tops this year we’ll reach our goal--and surely we can do more than that. Imagine if each child brought in 30!

We’ll be having a competition among classes again this year, so make sure you follow the instructions below to submit your box tops and get credit for your child's class.

Some of the brands to look for include General Mills cereals and bars (including Cheerios and Chex), Fiber One, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Gold Medal Flour, Cascadian Farms, Yoplait, Progresso, Green Giant, Old El Paso, Pillsbury, Land O Lakes, Mott's, Reynolds, Ziploc, Cottonelle, Kleenex, Scott, Hanes, Hefty, Avery office products, and many others.

You can see the full product list at Download the list here.

To submit box top coupons:

  1. You do not need to neatly clip the coupons; tearing them off of the box is just fine. Please make sure the expiration date is still visible. If multiple coupons are on the package, they do not need to be separated. If the coupon is on a plastic lid, you can submit the entire lid after cleaning any food residue off of it. If the back of the coupon has adhesive on it, please press it onto a piece of scrap paper before submitting it.
  2. Place the coupons into a zip-top bag or a sealed envelope, or use one of the fun box-top collection sheets found at (You can use tape or glue to attach the coupons to the sheet, but please do not staple them.)
  3. Write the student's name, grade, and teacher on the bag or the envelope and place it in the pink Box Tops collection bin in the school lobby, or the collection box in the student's pod.

Please Note: We DO NOT collect “Labels for Education” points that are available on Campbell's and Pepperidge Farm products. We also do not collect empty juice pouches or printer ink cartridges.

If you have any questions about the Box Tops for Education program, you can check the website at or contact Laura Just or Jeannine Grantham.